Introducing Asanuma’s New “Mosaic Gradient Powder ®”

In 2020, we have introduced powder items such as eyeshadows and blushes in various gradient designs. This year, we have newly created an outstanding, eye-catching form of design which we call “Mosaic Gradient Powder®”

By integrating Asanuma Corporation’s unique technologies, we have succeeded in creating colorful grains of powder sprinkled to gradient form of designs. Powder items that are more colorful and vivid than ever are now available.

Inspired by abstract painting, the multi-color design is not only visually beautiful but also practical. Finishes can be controlled by how the brush is moved on the powder. * Design applied for patent (application NO.2020-169732)

Oil coated powder melts in skin with superior adhesion for soft radiant finish.

* Please request samples from the inquiry page.